Why You NEED to Read ‘The Shack’

I’m really not kidding. You NEED to read ‘The Shack.’ This book is so life changing. I wish I could put into words how much I truly love it, but you’ll have to read it to really understand. I’m not even a book person. The only books I’ve ever read are the ones I was assigned in high school and college. But this book? This book is something else. Written by Paul Young, ‘The Shack’ has the ability to change your life. Whether you’re struggling financially or dealing with something much bigger such as death. No matter what you may be facing currently, read this book. It has definitely changed my life, and I never thought I would say that about a book.

The book is based on real people as well as real events. You’ll meet Mackenzie Allen Phillips, the main character and whom the book is about. “Mac’s” youngest daughter, Missy, is brutally murdered on a family camping trip. Evidence of her murder is found in a shack deep in the Oregon woods, but her body is never recovered. For years to come, Mac finds himself to be consumed by a great darkness. Until one day, he receives a mysterious note in the mail inviting him back to the shack. Reluctantly, Mac takes a weekend trip up to Oregon to revisit the site of his greatest nightmare. Little did he know, what he experiences that weekend would completely change and transform his life forever.

I want to tell you guys more details sooo bad, but it’s a book you really need to experience on your own! Yes, this book has a religious message and I understand that might not be for everyone. But hear me out, this book can reach and touch ANYONE if you truly open yourself up to it. If you’re already strong in your faith, if you’ve lost faith, if you’ve never had faith. This book will give you so many answers and quite possibly change your views on a lot of things.

I’ve always been religious, but when I read this book I felt a little lost in my faith. The Shack confronts the question of “Where is God in a world full of pain and suffering?” This is something I feel a lot of people may struggle with, as I did and sometimes still do. The answers that Mac discovers are astonishing to say the least. I cannot say enough good things about this book! It has totally redefined my faith. I feel much closer to God than I ever did before and have an overwhelming sense of love. If you do one thing today, I hope and pray that you go and buy this book. You can purchase it on Amazon for just $8!I hope you enjoy this book and get as much out of it as I did. I wanted to leave you guys with one of my favorite passages in the book.

“It’s extremely hard to rescue someone unless they are willing to trust you.”
“Yes, it sure is.”
“That’s all I ask of you. When you start to sink, let me rescue you.”

If you end up reading the book, email me at thesimplychelsea@yahoo.com and let me know what you thought!

xo, Chelsea

Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Hey there! My name is Chelsea and I really don’t know how to introduce myself. *act cool, Chelsea, act cool.* I’ve been wanting to start a blog for some time now, but was always too nervous to. I’m still nervous. I’m scared shitless actually. Why? I don’t really know. Will people read my blogs? Are people going to think I’m weird? Which I totally am, by the way. But you never really know what will happen until you do it, right? So I finally said “screw it” and here we are.

I don’t even know how to type for blogs? Is it okay to use slang? I keep wanting to put things like “lol” and “lmao.” Ugh get it together, Chelsea. Do you guys ever feel like you just don’t have it together? That’s my life, all the time. At this point I don’t think there is any hope I’ll ever have my life together. Im just gonna be a hot mess pretending to be an “adult” the rest of my life. Who’s with me?

Life is crazy, y’all. I really wanted to start a blog as an outlet. My life has been a roller coaster ride lately and I felt like I had no way to vent. People on the internet might care, right? Haha okay, all jokes aside I knew that blogging would allow me to write my feelings and thoughts down about life and my current finacial situation. If someone reads it and can relate, or is touched by my blog then that is even better. I really love connecting with people and learning their stories. But lets get into a little more about me, the nitty-gritty stuff.

I’m 21 years old, live with my parents, and am a college drop out. Holy shit, that hurt to type. It’s not as bad as it sounds though (I hope). I recently just completed a dental assisting program. Before that, I attended The Ohio State University and applied to their dental hygiene program. Sadly, I was not accepted. I cried for a good hour while I ate half a tub of ice cream. But when one door closes, another door opens. So I’ve been on the hunt for a position in a dental office as an assistant while I currently am a waitress at Roosters (if you’ve never had their wings, I recommend you go. now.) My boyfriend, Skylar, and I just purchased a house. Well, he did…but I’ll be moving in with him and decorating the shit out of it. I love love love interior design. You should see my pinterest board for it, so much good stuff. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to actually afford my style though. Anyways, soon I’ll be a college drop out who doesn’t live with her parents. Yay for upgrades. (note: everytime I type “college drop out” I cringe a little.)

All in all, I’m pretty excited for the next chapter in my life. Being an adult is scary though. I’ll be blogging all about my adventures of adulthood to come, so stay tuned.

xo, Chelsea